Our Purpose

Our Mission

is to offer fine jewelry, sustainably sourced, while building confidence for girls & women.

Our Vision

is jewelry that sparks conversation so that collectively, we can shift the dynamics and level the playing field for girls and women.

  • Did you know almost half of girls (aged 3-16) never participate in sport?

  • And by age 16, girls are 3x more likely to drop out of sports than boys.

  • Girls have less opportunity in sport, which results in fewer girls staying in sports once they hit their teens.

We know the power of sports.

It builds self-confidence which results in social success of an individual. By encouraging girls to stay in sport, we are shifting the dynamics and leveling the playing field. We also know that jewelry makes women feel confident. We want to fuse the two together; building confidence at a young age, allowing girls to prosper into confident women.

Let’s build a world where every girl follows her heart.